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25 May 2013

Balloon Decorations With A Pirate Theme

Posted in Testimonials, Our Work

The ZapActive Business Launch

We offered to make and donate pirate themed balloon decorations for the launch of a local business on Good Friday! ZapActive develop mobile phone and tablet based games to get you out of the house and more active... 






Ahoy Me Hearties... Follow the adventures of the infamous pirate Redbeard Nattrass and discover his secret treasure hidden throughout the town



Their smart phone game leads visitors on a treasure hunt, on the way collecting clues by zapping QR codes that are placed strategically so that the visitor is led wherever you want them to go. Ian McLauchlan, one of the Directors of ZapActive, commented

"We are very excited to be able to use our latest product to help visitors and locals alike enjoy our wonderful town. We aim to make the visitor experience more fun and to help people discover all that Alston has to offer."


 As the ZapActive 'QR Fun Trail' is an interactive themed treasure hunt game we designed our pirate themed balloon arrangements to complement


We decided to make impressive 7ft tall palm tree balloon columns with a pirate 'string-of-pearls' balloon arch suspended between them


The latex balloons used in the arch fit the theme perfectly, with pirate's eye patches, skull and cross bones, and hidden treasure maps


We made balloon art decorations designed to look like a Pirate Ship riding a wave. The blue base of the arrangement was designed to look like the ocean



To signify the ocean, we made a spiral of latex balloons in 2 shades of blue and a double-bubble balloon [clear balloon with a blue balloon inside] to give the effect of water and bubbles.









We attached a helium-filled quad of blue balloons to represent the ocean wave and the 40inch Pirate Ship foil balloon sat on the top, riding the wave!


After 6 hours and tying over 100 balloons, we certainly had sore fingers and welcomed a drink at the ZapActive launch drinks reception


Everyone loved the balloons and after the event, we moved the pirate themed balloon decorations across to Alston Library and Local Links so that they could be enjoyed further


We inflated over 100 pirate balloons on safety sticks that were given to the children who came and joined in the ZapActive treasure hunt


The ZapActive 'QR Fun Trail' was a new FUN way to discover Alston and a great start to the Easter weekend! Take a look at the write up in Cumbria 24, the daily online local news & views magazine for Cumbria.

In support of #HugsForNoah charity, The Memory Knot Company also donated a rainbow themed balloon arch for the fundraiser gala dinner at Armathwaite Hall on May 24th. It was nice to see ZapActive tweeting about our pirate themed balloon decorations and giving positive feedback about our work to another business! Thanks x



Did you enjoy this blog? If so, please leave a comment and share this blog with your friends and family. Please get in touch if you'd like our help to theme, plan, or decorate for your special occasion. Why not take a look at our balloons price list... give your event the wow factor!

Thank you for reading our blog and pop back soon!

Jaimie and Andrew

The Memory Knot Co


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