Collections & Returns

Giving us the run-around!

Some clients do not live near to their chosen wedding or event venue and some people simply have limited time available, therefore The Memory Knot Company offers a collection and returns service. We can collect the suits and bridesmaid dresses before the event and deliver them to your chosen accommodation or venue, returning them the day after. For many people collecting and being responsible for the wedding cake and the flowers is a daunting and nervous task (us included), but we can collect and deliver them to your venue safe and sound. We can also collect gifts and wedding rings but this service is not limited to customers planning weddings... what about those special occasions that are planned as a surprise or corporate functions. Whatever your occasion, our Collection and Returns service not only saves you time because we do the leg work, but combining the pick-up and drop-off of several items in one trip helps to reduce your event’s carbon footprint.